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Safeguarding Associates

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School Transport Management works with schools and school groups to better manage and structure their transport needs, to ensure the safety of their students, and to create a service which provides value for money for parents.

Health and Safety

Penbrae International Consulting Logo

Penbrae International Consulting provides top quality, independent professional advice in relations to medical services, health and safety within the educational settings.


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Avvanz is an award-winning background screening platform that provides more than 20 types of background checks across 150+ countries.


Safeguarding Network Logo

Safeguarding Network provide a high quality / low cost offering that is trusted by their followers and customers, they react quickly to the changes in new legislation and are innovative in the services that they provide.

Software and Data Collection

CPOMS logo

CPOMS is the market leading software solution for monitoring Safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues. CPOMS is an intuitive system which helps to ensure that children, young people and adults are safe and fully supported.

CPOMS StaffSafe brings all of the benefits of the core product to a staff environment. In addition, the school can manage its Single Central Record (SCR) in a way in which is far more intuitive than a traditional spreadsheet approach.

Safeguard children

Keeping children and young people safe is everyone’s responsibility. To help us address your Safeguarding needs, we work with carefully selected experts and associates that provide relevant specialist support.

We work collaboratively with complementary professions, including transport, health and safety, health managers, Software and Background Screening Solutions companies. 

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Can we help you make a difference?

Suzanne's confidence and knowledge of Safeguarding within the national and International School context is to the highest level. She is able to marry rigorous policy and procedure, with the realities and challenges international schools face.

- Patrick Ottley-O’Connor, Interim System Leader Principal, E-ACT- The Crest Academy


Suzanne has superb knowledge of Safeguarding and is able to contextualise this - being mindful of local context and regulation. Her deep understanding of the way schools work ensures her approach is thoughtful and practical.

- Simon Camby, Group Education Director, Cognita

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