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Our actions have impact.
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Adults working with children

The adults who work with children in schools and other learning environments, bring a richness of individuality, skills and experience to their roles. However, they are united in one common core goal, to give children the opportunity to flourish so that they can grow up to live their best life and reach their academic and personal potential.

The learning community provides an ideal environment for meaningful observation, to consider the norms of behaviour, monitor changes and offer the opportunity to support when the bumps in the road become too difficult for a child to navigate alone. Children who feel unsafe or at risk are more likely to reach out to a trusted adult in a school when positive relationships and a listen culture are the norm. However, this can not be left to chance.

A team approach to protecting children is essential. Many adults may hold a piece of the jigsaw and it is only by working together, we can be sure to see the 'big picture'. 

Adults must act, understanding that 'Every behaviour is a communication with meaning' and their actions can have a positive impact.

Our commitment



FairChild Safeguarding is committed to promoting learning environments where children and young people feel safe and protected from harm.



To empower clients with the skills and knowledge to place Safeguarding and Child Protection at the centre of their 'Culture of Care', where all children are educated by informed adults, supported with positive relationships and protected so that concerns are recognised, addressed immediately and appropriately. 



Our child centred approach to Safeguarding and Child Protection is driven by six core values. By placing children at the centre of decision making, we can work together to ensure all children in our care are encouraged to reach their academic and personal potential.

Children first – we work with children for children and place their needs at the core of our business

Passion – we strive to share our passion and purpose for keeping children safe, taking policies from paper to practice. 

Inclusive – we advocate for the right for all children to be treated equally and to be given equal opportunities to be their very best.

Empowerment – we recognise that knowledge is power and work to support confident decision making, right for you and your students.

Collaborative – we know that partnership is essential to ensure Safeguarding and Child Protection strategies are implemented effectively, have maximum impact, are strong and sustainable.

Accountability – we believe Safeguarding is everyone’s business. Accountability is key to consistency in fulfilling roles, responsibilities and practice. 


Suzanne revolutionised Inclusion for the academy in an emotionally intelligent way bringing the staff on board to produce the very best inclusive approach to a very challenging community.

- Mike Westerdale, Director of Education – E-ACT

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