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Who we are

International Safeguarding and Child Protection Consultancy committed to embedding a 'Culture of Care'.

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Are you committed to ensuring children in your care are valued, encouraged, respected and protected? Let’s talk. 

FairChild Safeguarding's specialist consultant has a solid track record of educating and empowering learning institutions to ensure the safeguarding and protection of children in the UK and around the world.

We partner with organisations to turn policy into practice in a measured and meaningful way. By developing a common understanding which provides consistency in practice, we embed a school 'Culture of Care' that ensures actions speak louder than words. 

Meet Suzanne Murray, your Safeguarding and Child Protection expert

Bringing extensive knowledge and experience to every engagement, Suzanne will work with you to empower your organisation to achieve safeguarding excellence. A leading expert, she has acquired a wealth of Safeguarding, Child Protection, leadership and management expertise from her 30-year career in education. 

Clients value Suzanne’s understanding of the complex challenges they face in providing a secure learning environment, her ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with everyone she works with, and her expertise to deliver holistic, bespoke Safeguarding strategies that work. 

From creating and updating sustainable policies and procedures, training and empowering staff, effectively and sensitively addressing safeguarding cases and more, Suzanne will help you and your team’s champion best practice.

Suzanne Murray



  • National Professional Qualification Headteachers (NPQH)

  • Acceleration to Leadership Qualification 

  • Bachelor of Education (Hons) Bed Hons

  • Certificate in Pre-School Care 1985

I believe that schools and learning organisations must embed Safeguarding and Child Protection firmly in a 'Culture of Care'. By turning policy into practice in a measured, meaningful, and balanced way, we ensure that organisations develop a common understanding, which provides consistency in practice.

Career timeline

Suzanne Murray career timeline
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It would be very difficult to find someone more knowledgeable about Safeguarding in schools than Suzanne. She has such vision and can almost immediately see solutions to challenging Safeguarding problems that arise.

- Beth Kerr, Group Director of Wellbeing, Cognita

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